E3000 - FM ULTRACOMPACT Mosfet Amplifier 3kW OUT

E 3000 is the new top FM broadcast amplifier designed by Elenos. It’s the smallest and lightest 3Kw amplifier in the world, and changes the conception of all 3kw Mosfet transmitters.

The Philips Mosfet BLF278 on its 12 RF modules are used at 250W power output in low-stress conditions. Each module is running at 90% rated power offering a better MTBF.

To reduce the harmonic current emission to the main, the 3 AC/DC switching power supply units are equipped with PFC (Power Factor Corrector.
The current sharing between PSU’s is performed by a robust digital control that works at any RF output power level. The good matching between the PSU’s ensures a greater reliability and allows higher output power to be reached. The PSU’s are also overheating temperature and short circuit protected. MOV devices also protect the equipment from any low energy fast transients in the mains. E 3000 can operate with one power supply a reduced power level.
Available single-phase or three-phase.

ICE FET ® technology and high-efficiency heatsink

The innovative ELENOS ICE FET® technology, together with a high-efficiency heatsink (ELENOS patented design), lead to a considerable heat dissipation reduction, so that it’s more reliable.
A dedicated algorithm optimises the efficiency at all output power levels, automatically adjusting Mosfets’ drain voltages and bias of MOSFETs.

New RF combiner ELENOS ®

The E 3000 uses a polygonal combiner (ELENOS patented design), instead of traditional RF power combiners.
In traditional combiners, the combining of 12 power modules uses a considerable space for multiple transmission lines with a loss in the overall RF power. This power loss generates heat which is detrimental to the overall efficiency.

The patented ELENOS system uses polygonal type combiner in a single jump, thereby reducing the power dissipated by approximately 50% compared with the traditional couplers - whilst maintaining a high level of insulation between the inputs, guaranteeing perfect operation under any fault condition on the MOSFET’s.
An additional impedance transformer stage, located before the output low pass filter, better suppresses the harmonics.

Measurements, Controls and Protections

5 microcontrollers with CISC and RISC architecture guarantee that it never stops working.
The control software is based on a proprietary real-time multitasking operating system and uses parallel programming techniques and fuzzy logic to optimise the operational parameters.
Algorithms are implemented for efficiency maximization, cooling adjustment, automatic output power derating in case of faults or overheating.

All parameters of the equipment are controlled by amplifier’s CPU board who interacts with them to ensure perfect operation always. The information are processed by a bus IEE485 in a numeric form, avoiding problems and measurement errors that might occur from interferences, electromagnetic fields, noise etc.

The distributed intelligence control logic manages:
  • DC current of each 250W RF module
  • 9 temperature probes, placed at various points of the E 3000 , to get a detailed thermal mapping of the amplifier
  • the VSWR fast protection circuit which controls the RF stages bias
  • the soft start algorithm that reduces the thermal stress of the MOSFETs in the event of start-up at temperatures below zero degrees.
  • fans speed to optimise the air flow depending on the effective heat exchange requirements of the system
  • measurement of the air input temperature
  • measurement of the current, voltage and temperature of each power supply unit
  • measurement of the direct and reflected output power
  • calculation of the RF efficiency
  • alphanumeric display, incremental encoder and signalling LED’s
  • telemetries and SMS

Detailed design

The traditional thermo-magnetic switch has been replaced by a hydro-magnetic switch with an extremely high stability at temperatures of between -40° and + 85°C in order to best protect the equipment.

6 very high efficiency, low noise DC fans, of the “ultra-long life brushless” type to provide 800 m3/hour air flow and more than 50,000 hours of operating life.

Telemetry and SMS

By using a GSM modem and any DOS or Windows communication programme (Telix, Procomm, HyperTerminal) it is possible to remotely control and interact with E 3000 .
Up to 5 preset mobile phone numbers are notified through SMS in case of alarm if the equipment is connected to a GSM modem.

E 3000 also has I/O logic commands for connection to change-over equipments and/or external telemetry.

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